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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

This has been intresting and I no longer will have time to post anything. 

Being home and working from home is not for everyone , so I am back to work in the outside world and loving it. 

I did learn something that people only see and hear what they want out of things and can always take one persons positive experience and turn it into a big negative. 

Thank you to those who read my blog. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Art of Letting Go

These last few weeks have been wonderful. I have started being only accountable to myself.

Wonderful feeling! I love my morning walks with my dogs, the world is so peaceful at 6 am. I am also feeling more productive, and alive. I am getting so much done each day that I am going to sleep with a sence of accomplishment.

I am looking forward to trying to start new ventures in life, as the Epicure and Arbonne are only the beginnings of more things to come.

Have a great week.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Learning to Let Go...

I am learning new things this week.. It is ok not to be in control of all situations at all times. Not so easy for my inner control freak. I have found that sometimes the univers know better and that if you just let things happen they are far better than you can ever imagine.

I have found that Chillie and I walking at the unheard of hour of 6 am is a wonderful way to start the day. The walks are so wonderful and peaceful , the ocean is amazing and I really love watching the world wake up. Of course this is all done after that first cup of coffee.

Another weekend is upon us and I am looking forward to enjoy the sun and all the world has to bring .

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Chillie Adventure

So It has been a bit since I have had time to sit down and write..

Time to change this up, I am thinking that there are so many positive things in my life that I need to start focusing on them not all the drama and bull that can consume us.

The first thing that is a big surprise to me is how much my very hyper and strong will Vizsla and made me really evaluate what is important.( I was in no way a real dog person before we got him)  He has so much love to give and lives so in the moment that you can not help but put a smile on your face when he come running at you wagging his tail and bringing you a toy to play with him. His favorite trick in the morning is to not get out of bed if I am just getting a coffee but take over the warm spot hoping I forget to come back. Chillie has been a real joy to all of us and has filled our near empty nest house with activity again.

I still find myself searching for something to do to make my life feel useful to me not just to other people.

I am selling Epicure Selection, which is fun and exciting getting to try all the new products. I am also selling Arbonne , a wonderful pure line of products . I am feeling very slow off the hop to do this in a big way. I need to stop being so shy and afraid of people in order for these ventures to work.

The summer is close and we got a great taste of it this week, looking forward to many great adventures and meeting lot s of new and exciting people.

Take care

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spring - A time of many changes ..

We are making many changes this spring. I am really enjoying selling Epicure, it is so nice to be back out there and being involved with people and making new friends. I am also giving selling Arbonne a shot, so far I love the product and hope to be having my first party soon. 

I really thought not working out side the home was going to be the ultimate !! turns out not so much I thinking going out of the house everyday is a much easier way to earn a living. When you work from home you never feel like you have a real job and no one believes you really do anything. I think my days are more exhausting and the emotional toll is far more taxing. 

There are many other changes to come and I am looking forward to a amazing spring and summer of 2012, I love meeting up with old friends from the past and reconnecting the dots that have made my life what it is today. 

Monday, 9 January 2012

When Do We Cut the Cord!

When is the right time to tell your kids they need to start being more independent?

I think in this day and age full of divorce and split families we are all so worried our kids will not like us if we do not do all the things they want. Are we really helping or just doing more harm to already dysfunctional children. We are enabling them from being functional.

So who are we really hurting? I know we can never stop being a parent but when do we stop feeling like we have to make everyone happy when the truth is they do not really care about any one but themselves.

Hope the first week of 2012 has been treating you well.